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Text4life Intervention, a multi-way communication for a distressed pregnant woman

Studying the Rwanda UNICEF RapidSMS intervention, WHARC designed a model customized to Nigerian concepts and standards, the Text4life. It is a multi-way communication between the distressed pregnant woman previously registered at the primary health facility, the WDC chairman, the road transport worker (taxi-driver), and the midwife at the primary health facility. In case of an emergency, the distressed pregnant woman triggers an alert system by sending a keyword to a dedicated registered phone number. The pregnant woman gets an automated feedback from the server to wait patiently while an action is being taken. At the same time, a dual SMS is relayed to the phone numbers of both the WDC chairman and the midwife, displaying the name and phone number of the distressed woman. The WDC chairman promptly puts a call through to the transport service worker to pick up the woman in distress at the stated address. She is picked up and taken to the facility where the midwife is waiting to receive her.

This Text4life platform serves to reduce financial, transportation and geographical challenges pregnant women have in accessing the community PHC. Text4life was launched on the 22nd of March, 2019.

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