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The Head of Department, Obstetrics and Gyneacology, Dr. Victor Ohenhen, gave the introductory speech. He highlighted the topics of this edition of the monthly health talk for couples as;

  1. Benefits and techniques for breastfeeding
  2. Umbilical Cord care
  3. Prevention of Anaemia in pregnancy

He further encouraged the audience to freely express themselves, make suggestions on how to improve the program and also ask questions.

The first lecture “Benefits and techniques for breastfeeding” was given by a nurse/midwife Mrs. Ogbeide-Ihama. She educated them on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding with emphasis on its nutritional value, baby’s immunity, breastfeeding position and hygiene. The men were also encouraged to ensure that their wives feed well at all times.

The second lecture on Umbilical Cord Care, was given by a midwife Mrs. G. Egbobawage, who taught the techniques and precautions for Umbilical Cord cleaning. She spoke on the need to ensure that equipments used during this process are bought from approved pharmacy, avoid putting the cord in the diaper, etc. She concluded with a story of a woman who treated the cord with herbs (concoction), with the hope that the cord will fall off fast, and the child ended up with infection.

The third lecture “Prevention of anaemia in pregnancy” was given by Dr. Omozuwa E. After explaining the causes of anaemia, he stated that the major cause in our environment is a lack of adequate nutrition that is rich in iron. He also encouraged women, eliciting the support of their husbands to register for antenatal care on time for early care and proper preventive measures.

Participants’ questions were taken and answered to their satisfaction. The questions were as follows:


  1. What are the effects of mother’s low PCV (Packed Cell Volume) on the baby?
  2. If breastmilk is not coming out after delivery, what should I do?
  3. In the process of “pulling out the nipple” to prepare the breast for breastfeeding, I see gummy water come out of the nipple, “am afraid” what do I do?
  4. Can I clean the baby’s cord with hot water?
  5. I had a low PCV and was given drugs (NB: I react to folic), after the treatment, the next test still showed low PCV (same as the previous result). What does this mean?
  6. Does infection affect PCV?
  7. Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat hot food?
  8. How often do one need to check PCV level in pregnancy?
  9. Is egg (cooked) and milk good for baby (in utero)?
  10. I was told to do VDRL test and I have not been able to do it till now, what effect does it have on the pregnancy?
  11. In 2017, I had a baby through caesarean section, now in 2018, am pregnant again, what do I do to avoid reoccurrence?
  12. My previous PCV was 38%, do I still need to continue to check it?
  13. Can low sugar level cause anaemia?
  14. What causes high blood pressure in pregnancy?

Previous questions from the monthly health talk for couples have been answered in the book: Frequently Asked Questions on Pregnancy, Antenatal and Postnatal Care.


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